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Where can I access the Sablier protocol?

You can access Sablier through the following web interfaces:

We're working with various projects in the DeFi ecosystem to make Sablier accessible through more and more interfaces. If you want to use Sablier on a testnet, you may have to get some TestnetDAI first.

What is real-time finance?

A term coined by us to emphasize the wide-ranging use cases for the Sablier protocol. We like to think about work as an attempt to rethink the way trust is established in financial contracts.

What is token streaming?

An alternative wording, coined by Andreas Antonopoulos in 2017. Just like you can stream movies on Netflix or music on Spotify, so you can stream tokens by the second on Sablier.

How does streaming work on Sablier?

Imagine Alice wants to make a 3,000 DAI payment to Bob during the whole month of January.

  1. Alice deposits the 3,000 DAI in Sablier before Jan 1, setting the stop time to Feb 1.
  2. Bob's crypto earnings increase every second beginning Jan 1.
  3. On Jan 10, Bob will have earned approximately 1,000 DAI.
  4. If at any point during January Alice wishes to recover her tokens, she can cancel the stream and recover what has not been streamed yet.